It all began when I became more interested about painting the spaces of light in between the branches of a tree than the branches themselves. Dynamically I have been caught in this elusive chaos of complexity of the in between ever since. In a nutshell, this inquiry has flung me into a universe delving into the empty and full, the micro to macro, the now and then and darkness into light. This is where I paint somewhere in between nothingness and the ineffable. My work abstractly wrestles to represent a union of these in between spaces even though it seems like an impossibility.  Initially intentional in process these paintings are generally random, intuitive and emotive. At times it seems the works are painting themselves and I am just the instrument.

With a similar and specific construct of self imposed limitations, each work is created as one in a series of three. This process opens up rather than constricts  possibility for me. Paint is dripped and I watch as each painting begins to paint itself.  A scaffolding of gestural brushstrokes are applied to the foundational grid of dripped paint. Dense unified layers result in optically charged fields with an all over harmonious effect that inevitably gives each painting  associative meaning for me. 

Discoveries of the metaphorical and the metaphysical unfold with process. In our otherwise chaotic and random world there is in my view a universal order and unifying light that connects us all. There is something both pure and perfect about this assumption that moves me to paint. Painting takes me to unexpected places. These works engage me like no other. They transport, test and surprise me with their realm of possibility and specificity.